Request a Certificate

If your client has requested a Certificate of Insurance for your Commercial General Liability coverage please forward the details of the request to

Our commercial team will get back to you within one business day with your certificate.

In order to process a certificate we need the following details:

  • Name of Certificate Holder (your client) and their full address, including postal code.
  • Do they require to be added as an additional insured?
  • Are there any specific coverage limits or details they need listed?

It is important to note that Certificate Holders and Additional Insured's are two different things:

Certificate Holder means that your client will receive a formal proof of insurance, in their name, and if your policy were to cancel they would be notified.

Additional Insured means your client is added onto the policy as an additional insured for liability coverage, but only with respects to the operations of your business.

We do not automatically add Certificate Holder's as Additional Insured's, this must be expressly requested.

If you have any questions regarding the certificate process, please do not hesitate to contact us.